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Dominion Water Reserves Corp is a consolidator of the water industry by acquiring fresh spring water permits and developing operations across Quebec with plans to expand across Canada and the U.S. DWR is strategically positioned to control over 50% of Quebec’s volume of fresh groundwater reserves under permit currently and currently control close to 31%.

Over the past year, DWR has developed a unique business model that allows the group to develop and take a leading stand in consolidating the spring water market in Quebec and beyond. The DWR team is working to develop innovative solutions, products and partnerships to promote and create value for this resource today and mainly for the future.

DWR is positioned to become the undisputed leader in Canada’s natural spring water market; with secured water rights to 4 major fully permitted sources of spring water in Quebec and target the rest of Canada.

Peak Water increases growing constraints on the availability, quality and use of freshwater resources.

DWR ASSET VALUE: $24M* POST; 3 BL/Year; which represents 28.3% of total L in Quebec. The closest comparable competitor with 1/3 DWR’s volume: Morgan Stanley ESKA at 1,090,908,000 which represents 12.69% total Liters in Quebec.

The New Gold is Blue


The core business of DWR consists in carrying out financial innovative expertise, by re-inventing financial solutions, products, partnerships, associations, networking to create value for Quebec’s pristine water. The adequacy of the potential wealth of water portfolio ownership and a long-term visionary approach will ensure the long-lasting success of the company.


DWR will acquire and manage freshwater assets at a critical mass in terms of capacity and geography securing a leadership role in North America’s spring water market. By consolidating the spring water market in Quebec, the company will be able to provide solutions to problems arising from the considerable imbalance between supply and demand of fresh water.

DWR will prioritize sustainability and environmental consciousness. A strong governance framework has been established to ensure that the corporation diligently pursues its activities by applying the highest social and environmental standards.


The mission of DWR is to acquire, manage and develop spring water assets building a critical mass in terms of capacity geography are securing a leadership role in North America’s fresh spring water market. The corporation prioritizes sustainability and environmental consciousness. A strong governance structure has been established to ensure that the corporation carries out its business responsibly, applying the highest social and environmental standards.

Our goal is to bring Quebec’s pristine water to the people, while respecting the environment and the norms of the different regions in which the company operates.


The values of the group represent the essence that will guide decisions, lead development, and influence the direction of DWR.

DWR is INNOVATIVE and assumes a LEADERSHIP role in bringing a new and different way of thinking for the water industry.

DWR is COLLABORATIVE and its mission is to provide solutions to current and foreseeable problems.

DWR est INNOVANT et assume un rôle de LEADERSHIP en apportant une nouvelle et différente façon de penser pour l'industrie de l'eau.


DWR’s proposition is unique in that it is creating a new industry model. The company is well positioned to pursue and deliver this new paradigm in the spring water market.

Important volume of spring water under managment.

Speciality waters: Esker and Alkaline water.

Wells strategically located spaces.

Access to resources, financing knowledge, and network.


The overall percentage increase in water use on a global scale has exceeded twice that of population growth. Water demands are changing and are driven mostly by urbanization, increased water-intensive agricultural products, industrialization, and the impact of climate changes. The global supply is declining as fresh water sources are becoming increasingly polluted due to poor waste management and irresponsible industrial processes exacerbated by population growth. Climate changes are also dramatically altering historically reliable sources of fresh water in some regions. The imbalance between the growing global demand and the declining supply will create A NEED for water reserves around the globe.

There is currently a tremendous opportunity to invest in water in Quebec. Since Quebec has historically profited from an abundance of water, there seems to be a serious misconception amongst the general population and investors about the inherent value of this priceless natural resource. Consequently, there is an oversight on the actual value that the spring water permits. These permits represent incredible volumes of fresh water of pristine quality and we believe that their value will considerably increase as the pressure on water resources grows.

DWR has uniquely positioned itself to control a critical volume of spring water namely because of its most relevant knowledge of the spring water sector and its exclusive expertise. There are a limited number of these permits in Quebec—42 to be precise–and the barriers to market entry are considerable. Gaining access to these permits can take several years–certified hydrogeological studies and approval from municipal councils are required to move these demands forward. In recent decades, the government has considerably reduced the issuance of such permits. DWR’s portfolio of acquired assets, current negotiations, purchase options, and permits under negotiation represent over 10 billion liters of spring water per year, an amount of water that unequivocally positions us as a leader in the spring water industry in Quebec.


Moreover, DWR has developed a unique strategy to draw immediate benefits from these assets through innovative forms of revenue generating activities. Our revenue generating strategy is based on providing asset based financial instruments that will allow DWR to generate enough revenues to protect its assets and develop new instruments that will ensure growth. DWR will operate with reduced overhead and minimal risk and liability, the intention being that the assets—the core of our business model—do not get jeopardized.

Water Risk Insurance Policies (WRIP): Innovative Financial Instrument

DWR is committed to providing innovative financial instruments that will enable the company to monetize its assets. DWR aims to make available large volumes of fresh water to address water shortage risks at the municipal, industrial, and direct to consumer levels.

Water sales: Bulk Water Contracts

With the objective of deriving steady revenues from our assets while keeping low operation costs, we will also sell high volumes of water to bottlers. Although most for the margin in the spring water industry is made at the consumer level once the water is sold in a bottle under a brand with a strong brand equity, DWR intends to focus its capital and human resources on the asset play and the financial instruments rather than try to penetrate the costly and saturated water bottle market. Water distribution revenues will be based on bulk water sales to bottlers and other actors in the food and beverage industry such as microbrewers, micro-distillers, and specialty food providers, whose product will gain value through the marketing positioning of being produced with spring water as opposed to municipal treated water.

Water Related Innovative and Sustainable Investments: Royalties

As the spring water consumption gains ground and the opportunity arises in the sustainable beverage packaging segment—the new technology viewed to replace the plastic bottle and address water decontamination—DWR will be there to invest in the most promising start-ups in the emerging water sector. The idea is to leverage our distinctive expertise in the water industry and our ability to access finance, to derive revenues from strategic investments in water related technologies and innovative solutions.

DWR holds an enviable position as an industry leader as a result of the volume of fresh water undermanagement it owns. The portfolio includes specialty water with exceptional quality and natural heath—an exclusive offering in the market place--esker and alkaline waters, combined with high silicium levels. Its springs are located throughout the province for a wide coverage of service and are strategically close to big cities to reduce the cost of transportation. DWR relies on a network of busines savvy individuals with proven industry knowledge and an impressive outreach to penetrate market.


1 - Bulk water sale

2 - Water rights

3 - Distribution / Bottled Water

4 - Special Situations

Assets: Acquire volume to become dominant player in Quebec industry.

Market share: Currently 42% of Quebec volume under permit with potential to reach 50% with new permits in 2021.

Optimize existing operations: Immediate access to low capex bulk stations.

Providing companies: With assured access to water in case of shortage for a montly fee: Firms reduce operational risks by securing water rights.

Leverage: Unique water property (ESKER).

International expansion: Permits in the U.S. allow DWR to expand acc.


Germain Turpin: President, CEO

Mr. Turpin is a seasoned manager and forester by trade and over the years developed the biggest hardwood operations in Quebec with revenues of over $40 million. Since 2000, he has been using the same model to develop the water sector in the province. Mr. Turpin is a pioneer of the spring water sector in Quebec.


Jean Gosselin: General Manager

Jean Gosselin has completed a BA in Administration at the Université du Québec à Trois‐Rivières in 1978.

From 1978 to 1982, I was successively director of Corporate Trust for General Trust of Canada and deputy Vice‐President of Corporate Finance at Brault, Guy, O'Brien Inc., Investment Dealers.

From 1982 to 1989, co‐founder and CFO of Groupe Financier Hermès, an Investment Dealer acting as conceptualizer, engineer, distribution and of private and public offering.

Subsequently, founded my consulting company specializing in the design, implementation and financing of projects and companies and I continue to act as a promoter and / or advisor to companies.



Germain Turpin

Mr. Turpin is a seasoned manager and forester by trade and over the years developed the biggest hardwood operations in Quebec with revenues of over $40 million. Since 2000, he has been using the same model to develop the water sector in the province. Mr. Turpin is a pioneer of the spring water sector in Quebec.

Robert Dunn

Mr. Dunn has over 40 years of experience in the insurance industry, specializing in the finance, communications, surety and construction industries.

Alexandre Côté

Alexandre Côté has been breaking boundaries in the finance world for over 20 years. He's known most recently for being the Co-Founder and developer of the Distribution Model of Hybrid Financial Ltd. Côté has been a key leader of the growth of HFL in the US and Canada by developing the unique HFL model and building multiple effective teams. His team also created a substantial positive effect into the distribution of structured product in Canada.

Côté was also responsible for launching one of the first traditional fixed income notes listed in Canada. Formerly a Managing Director at AXA Canada, Alexandre helped creating a Guaranteed Investment Funds platform.

Earlier in his career, he helped to establish and develop OpenSky Capital, as the VP of Sales. OpenSky Capital was the largest independent innovator marketer of structured products in Canada with over $3 billion in assets.

Alexandre made his first step in the Finance world at Talvest.

Côté earned a B.A. in Business from Laval University.

Mic 0hael S. Pesner CPA

Serves as Independent Director of the Company. Mr. Pesner is the president of Hermitage Canada Finance Inc., which specializes in financial advisory, mergers and acquisitions, and divestiture services to a range of corporations. Between 1977 and 2003, he held a number of roles, including partner, senior partner and board member at KPMG in Montreal. He brings extensive governance experience as a board member with companies in a variety of industries including, but not limited to, mining (Richmont Mines Inc.), retail (SAQ -- Société des Alcools du Québec, Le Château), financial (Fonds Regional de Montreal FTQ) and Peak Fintech Group Inc).

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